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At Quorum our tagline is “We Recycle Buildings”. We believe it is our social responsibility as Architects and Designers to create a positive change in the built environment, which is why we specialize in using existing buildings to reduce the carbon footprint of our work. We empower our clients to think holistically whether starting with an existing building or with new construction. By taking an integrated approach we aim to provide cost-effective solutions, improve the health and wellness of building occupants, and be environmentally responsible.


At Quorum Architects we “walk the talk”.  For example, our own historic building has recently been renovated to include replacement windows that are more energy efficient and upgraded to LED lighting.  We work together to compost food waste, recycle and be mindful of using natural ventilation. Over 20% of our design professionals have earned a LEED professional credential. We are committed to meeting our clients’ goals, whether pursuing certification or not, by fostering creative,  sustainable design practices.


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