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Quorum Architects, Inc. is an urban revitalization firm specializing in renovations to the existing built environment. Quorum’s strengths include the ability to listen carefully to our client’s specific needs and adapt those needs to fit within the unique restraints of each building and site that we encounter. We believe in a holistic approach to design, with all of the design fields (architecture, landscape architecture, interiors) working together in order to create a harmonious and unified finished product. As a result, we create efficient, affordable and functional design solutions that also deliver aesthetic satisfaction.

Our commitment to meeting, and striving to exceed, our client’s needs makes us fully qualified to participate in any type of project. Our staff has experience in all forms of design, from site and master planning, to urban redevelopment/historic preservation, to interior design, finishes, and new building design and construction. The firm includes two LEED Accredited Professionals and three LEED Green Associates.​

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