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Mirro Artists Lofts of Manitowoc

Old abandoned factory reimagined as industrial chic apartments
Mirro in the news on
Fox 6.  40 units of affordable housing and artist's amenities!

The Mirro Plant was completed in 1929 and was designed by W. Fred Dolke, Jr. (1887-1975), a noted Chicago-based industrial architect. Mirro Plant #3 is one of the last buildings remaining from the massive industrial complex developed by the Manitowoc-based Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company, later known as the Mirro Aluminum Company.


Mirro Plant #3 is five stories tall with a timber and steel structure, brick exterior walls, and a flat roof.   Typical of early twentieth-century industrial buildings, the interior of Mirro Plant #3 has primarily open, utilitarian spaces with no ornamentation. 

Mirro Plant #3 will soon  be converted to a rental apartment building with 40 two- and three-bedroom residential units. The building’s addition will be rehabilitated as a new artist studio and exhibition space also housing amenity spaces for the historic residential building. The building’s historic character-defining interior and exterior features will be retained in the rehabilitation.